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Practicing law requires a law degree; attending law school and then passing the bar exam in the state(s) you wish to practice. There is mandatory licensing and memberships in professional organizations. Working as an attorney, or lawyer, involves the practical application of legal theories. Lawyers have to have the ability to advance the interests of those who retain them to perform legal services and the knowledge to solve a specific, individualized problem. There is common law, civil law and criminal law. Often attorneys specialize in a specific area such as marital law, immigration law, employment discrimination acts or corporate or financial matters. Attorneys work in private practice, in the courts as court appointed attorneys, in corporate settings and hospitals as well as for the government. Related jobs that attorneys are qualified to perform include judge, prosecutor, law clerk and law professor.

SouthCoast Attorneys Listings

Bruce Bendiksen, Attorney888 Purchase St Ste 308New Bedford, MA508.994.4396
Desjardins, Richard P Attorney 791 Main RoadWestport, MA508.636.3324
Marie K. Spring, Attorney264 Summer StNew Bedford, MA508.542.0933
Michael A. Poulos, Attorney At Law448 High StreetFall River, MA508.679.8900