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Summer Brings New Ice Cream and Food Shack Offerings

The calendar finally turned to July and most folks are knee deep into their summer plans. Maybe you have a bucket list of things to do this summer or maybe you will just enjoy traditional summer memories like long days at the beach, cookouts with friends, nights at the drive in and bonfires on the beach. Either way, summer wouldn't be complete without a trip (or regular visit) to your favorite food and ice cream shack. Most shacks serve up m...

Published: 2014-07-10

Farm stands provide visitors a window into the world of food production.

Farm stands provide visitors with a window to see into the world of the people and places that grow our food. Once considered more of a novelty, farm stands today provide consumers with an alternative to traditional grocery markets. Visitors to local farm stands can purchase more than just run of the mill fruits and vegetables. Farm stands' seasonal offerings are plentiful and consumers are exposed to different varieties of fruits and vegetab...

Published: 2014-09-24

Discount Golf Card available for 2015

Sports radio station 103.7 WEEI recently announced their partnership with several area golf courses in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, with the 2015 WEEI VIP golf card.  This allows cardholders to play at six regional golf courses for only $100.00 ($400.00 value).  Cardholders can play 18 holes at each of the participating championship courses. The 2015 VIP golf card is good now until the end of December...

Published: 2015-06-04

Clam Shacks in SouthCoast MA and RI

Summer in New England means lazy days at the beach, long drives along the coastline and enjoying food at the best clam shacks in the region. Locals and tourists alike can't wait for these seasonal shacks to serve up our favorite summer delights. Offerings are fresh and plentiful from local docks and farms.  Seasonal favorites include fried clams, scallops, fish and chips, clam chowder, clam cakes and don't forget the ever-popular ...

Published: 2015-06-08

Summer Events in SouthCoast MA and RI and beyond

The SouthCoast is the perfect backdrop for seasonal fun, fairs and festivals. There is a lot going on, something for everyone to enjoy all summer long. The SouthCoast highlights the arts - music, crafts, fine art and antiques; the outdoors - Dartmouth is host to the largest regatta in the U.S., kite flying, boating and swimming to save the Bay. The region hosts festivals promoting different cultural traditions- the largest Portuguese feast in th...

Published: 2015-06-22

Outdoor Bars and Outdoor Restaurants in South Coast

Ahhh, the feeling of the warm sun in your face, a cold beverage in your hand and a plate of delicious food. It's that time of year on the SouthCoast where folks are flocking to their favorite outdoor bars and restaurants listening to the sounds of a local band, the ocean waves or the buzz of conversation from neighboring tables. Brightly colored umbrellas cover both table tops and appear in colorful drinks. Locals and tourists alike have...

Published: 2015-07-09

Best Lobster Rolls in the South Coast of MA and RI

The minute summer arrives in the SouthCoast, the search for the season's best lobster roll begins. The lobster roll actually originated in Milford, Connecticut in 1929. The traditional Connecticut style lobster roll contains tender bits of steamed lobster tossed right onto the griddle with butter, just enough to warm through, then is piled high on a hot dog bun with nothing more than an occasional spritz of lemon. There are variations of the lob...

Published: 2015-07-14

Best clam chowder in the SouthCoast

SouthCoast locals and tourists take the subject of clam chowder (phonetically pronounced by locals as chowda) and the variations of the recipe very seriously. Chowder has a long standing history in our region. Herman Melville, American novelist, devoted an entire chapter in his famous 1851 book Moby Dick to the subject and refers to Try Pots, a chowder house in Nantucket, Massachusetts that served only chowder. Most southeastern Mass...

Published: 2015-08-24

Portuguese Feast of the Blessed Sacrament

101st Feast of the Blessed Sacrament (aka the Portuguese Feast)  Club Madeirense50 Madeira AveNew Bedford, MA508-992-6911 Since 1915, Club Madeirense S.S. Sacramento in New Bedford, Massachusetts has been host to the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, also known locally as 'The Portuguese Feast,' or simply 'The Feast'. This four-day long festival celebrates the history, culture and religion of the Portugues...

Published: 2015-07-28

Best fried clams in the SouthCoast

The SouthCoast has plenty of seaside shacks that serve up fried clams. Fried clams are prepared as a plate with coleslaw and fries, by the box or as a clam roll piled high on a hot dog bun. The condiment of choice is tartar sauce. Like clam cakes, fried clams are savored in the summertime as both a seasonal and regional specialty and are best enjoyed from the back of your beach wagon watching the boats sail. Fried clams 101- the differen...

Published: 2015-08-11

Best clam cakes in the SouthCoast

Clam Cakes are made with chopped clams (usually quahogs) in light dough and fried to a perfect crispy golden brown on the outside. From Rhode Island to the SouthCoast of Massachusetts, clam cakes are served in clam shacks, piled high in paper or cardboard boxes and often ordered as a side dish with other clam shack delights. Local traditions include adding a splash of vinegar or tartar sauce, submerging clam cakes in chowder or enjoying ...

Published: 2015-07-28

Best stuffed quahogs in the SouthCoast

Stuffed quahogs, otherwise known as stuffies, are a mixture of diced quahogs, breadcrumbs and spices baked on the half-shell. Rhode-Island’s Depression-era homemakers made the stuffed quahog recipe popular making a protein-packed, satisfying meal from inexpensive local ingredients. Quahogs are hard-shelled clams that live buried in the sandy bottoms of estuaries along the Atlantic coast. Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay is a prime source...

Published: 2015-08-17

Best Unique Christmas Ornaments

There is something wonderful about giving (and receiving) a unique Christmas ornament. In addition to being a great gift- one that will surely be used for years to come, they also make great stocking stuffers or, add the final touch to the top of a beautifully wrapped present. Whether you like to make one-of-a-kind ornaments or search specialty stores to find the perfect one, we have a few SouthCoast suggestions. Whether you are looking for the p...

Published: 2015-11-30