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Best fried clams in the SouthCoast

By: SouthCoast Directory   |  Published: 2015-08-11
best fried clams ma ri
The SouthCoast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island have plenty of options for the best fried clams.
(Photo by: SouthCoast Directory)

The SouthCoast has plenty of seaside shacks that serve up fried clams. Fried clams are prepared as a plate with coleslaw and fries, by the box or as a clam roll piled high on a hot dog bun. The condiment of choice is tartar sauce. Like clam cakes, fried clams are savored in the summertime as both a seasonal and regional specialty and are best enjoyed from the back of your beach wagon watching the boats sail.

Fried clams 101- the difference and debate between whole belly fried clams or strips. Whole belly clams have the clam’s gastrointestinal tract left intact and have a fuller flavor while clam strips are made from

the foot of hard-shell sea clams but, do not include the belly of the clam. Fried clams originated in 1916 at a roadside stand in Essex, Massachusetts called Woodman's

Rhode Island

Flo’s Clam Shack
The Lobster Pot
Iggy's Doughboys and Chowder House


Fay's Too
Cape Quality Seafood


Bayside Restaurant

New Bedford & Acushnet

Fathoms Bar & Grille
Seafood Hut & Creamery
Country Whip
Knuckle Heads


Rasputin's Tavern
The Fish House
The Pasta House
Mike's Restaurant
Gene's Famous seafood

Fall River & Somerset

Higson Seafood
North End Seafood Company


The Lobster Pot
Gateway Tavern Grill and Bar
Kool Kone


Frates Drive-In


The Lobster Pound


Oxford Creamery

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